We’ve got an FX Track Pro to review. The robot is introduced in a typical “powered by ForexStore” style. 

Product Offering

FX Track Pro Product Offering

Let’s figure out what features the EA has:

  • The robot trades fully-automatically.
  • It doesn’t require to have a huge deposit. It means there are no big drawdowns.
  • The robot works with three or six symbols depending on the pack.
  • It can be run on the MT4 and MT5 platforms.
  • The system works with three packs of indicators. So, there are three strategies on the board.
  • They work apart to find the best trading opportunities.
  • The EA can provide good profits, even on low deposit accounts.
  • The system places Stop Losses and checks the market to get if it’s a time to close an open order.
  • We’re free to use the EA with any broker.
  • Lot Sizes can be calculated automatically based on the account balance.

FX Track Pro

The three-symbol pack costs $325. It includes one license for any account. We can change accounts without restrictions as many times as we want. There are welcome support and free updates. The Super pack costs $445 and allows trading six currency pairs.

Trading Strategy

Most likely, there’s trend trading. From trading results, we knew that there are Grid and Martingale on the board as well.

FX Track Pro Trading Strategy

We’ve got a list of backtests. This one is USD/CAD with high risk on the H1 time frame. It united data from 2017 until October 2020. The modeling quality was 90.00% with 3 pips spreads. An initial deposit was $1000. The total net profit became $10.7M. The Profit Factor was 2.64. The maximum drawdown was 24.32%. FX Track Pro closed 515 deals with 64%-75% of the win-rate. The win-streak was only three deals.

Trading Results

FX Track Pro myfxbook

There are three accounts. This one is a real USD all-pairs account on FXOpen. The EA trades automatically using technical indicators on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account has a verified track record. It was created on July 31, 2020, and funded at $5000. Since then, the absolute gain has become +441.5%. An average monthly gain is 46.56%. The maximum drawdown is high as well (35.66%).

FX Track Pro drawdown

The EA consistently experiences huge drawdown periods.

FX Track Pro advanced statistics

It closed 293 deals with 520 pips. An average win is 47.26 pips, while an average loss is -59.36 pips.

FX Track Pro trading results

As we can see, BUY and SELL directions aren’t traded equally. Most profitable symbols are EUR/USD ($5311), GBP/USD ($5040), and USD/CAD ($5312).

FX Track Pro trading results

It focuses on trading all hours of a European trading session.

FX Track Pro trading results

Friday is the less traded day, compared to others.

FX Track Pro trading results

The robot works with sky-high risks to the account balance.

FX Track Pro trading results

From trading results, we can see using Grid and Martingale strategies to recover lost deals. The last page of results has eight won deals and twelve lost.

FX Track Pro monthly gain

For now, the robot has provided -7.48% of losses in December 2020.

Customer Reviews

FX Track Pro price

Nevertheless, Forex Store keeps supporting this product, setting to it an R-rate. There is no people’s feedback anywhere: Google, FPA, Trustpilot.

Backtests provided
Trading results provided
Powered by Forex Store
No team revealed
No settings explanations provided
No strategy explanations provided
There’s a Grid plus Martingale combo on the board
Cross JPY symbols provided little profits
Only one real license is allowed
No demo account trading is allowed
No people’s feedback provided
FX Track Pro was profitable for several months in a row. As we always tell, Grid plus Martingale sooner or later “fix” the account balance. Using Martingale on the robots with less than 80% of the win-rate is gambling. We could see the results of the last page - 8 won, 12 lost deals. Running the EA with Martingale on is a one-way ticket.

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