FxMAC is an asset management company which conducts Forex trading on their clients’ behalf applying a performance fee. The firm has been providing retail and institutional investors with a platform to connect with online asset manager groups since 2012. FxMAC claims that through its services, investors have enjoyed highest degrees of stable verified performances. We have established that this assertion is just a ploy to bait unsuspecting traders.   

Product Offering

FxMAC’s presentation is too general and does not pay attention to details. For instance, although it highlights the different programs offered, it does not elaborate the strategies each applies. That aside, other sections of the presentation include services provided, company’s location, institutional partners and asset managers it works with, referral programs and support info. We also noted that the site has numerous grammatical errors and awkward sentences which make us question FxMAC’s professionalism. It seems that the firm cares less about the image it portrays out there.

According to the website, the headquarters of FxMAC are in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The firm also has physical offices in Kemp House, London where it holds personal meetings that have previously been scheduled. Sad to say, this is the only information we have about the vendor. The company’s profile is absent. We also do not know individuals they work with and their expertise. The significance of assessing the credentials of professionals who manage the trader’s funds cannot be stressed enough. When such data is not there, investors are at risk of entrusting their money to fund managers with limited amounts of experience. 

The vendor offers 4 different Forex Programs for investors. The first and third programs require investments of $3,000 or $5,000 each. An investor interested with the second program will have to part with $5,000. For Bespoke investment programs, the minimum investment is $15,000. 

FxMAC - Product Offering

Trading Strategy

FxMAC applies a variety of trading strategies including candlestick patterns, intraday night trading strategy and low risk trend-following strategy. However, they do not go into much detail. They just highlight the benefits of those approaches. Failure to explain the strategies is a bad move because investors can easily lose confidence in the company’s ability to generate profits for them.  

Trading Results

FxMAC states that it is one of the very few firms that are totally transparent. We were hence disappointed to discover that the company does not take this statement seriously as evidenced by the missing backtesting results. The fund manager has not shown us how they have helped their clients’ accounts to grow in the past. Therefore, we are hesitant to believe that its trading plan may yield positive results in the future. 

The vendor has posted a series of pictures on the website indicating the latest performance of each investment program on myfxbook.com. The private links of these results are not shared. So, we visited myfxbook.com and searched for similar stats but could not find them. Nonetheless, we have decided to share one of the screenshots:

FxMAC Trading Results

The account was last updated on July 1, 2021 but we cannot tell when the account was activated since this info is unavailable. The total deposit obviously increased by 124.59%. A profit of 0.32% is made daily while a profit of 10.61% is made per month. The drawdown rate of 9.12% is relatively small and below the maximum potential DD of 20% allowed for this account. We cannot ignore the fact that other trading metrics like the number of trades executed, win-rates, profit factor, lots etc. are missing. 

This brings us to our next point. If FxMAC provides effective services as it claims, then we would expect them to proudly showcase their performance, highlighting all the important aspects traders look out for. Since this is not the case, we believe that the company should not be trusted.

Customer Reviews

We found mixed reviews for this company on Forex Peace Army. There are concerns that FxMAC is a scam as professionals operating it seem not to know what they are doing. Chances of losing money invested are also high. Screenshots showing comments made by disgruntled customers are provided below:

FxMAC Customer Reviews

FxMAC Customer Reviews

FxMAC Customer Reviews

Customer support is present
Vendor transparency is lacking
Backtest data is not provided
Live trading results provided are inadequate
Vague trading strategies
We are strongly convinced that FxMAC is not a safe company to invest in. First and foremost, the firm is not confident about its trading results. This is why it tries to hide some of the data. Secondly, they provide scanty details about themselves and the trading strategies they use. Lastly, customer reviews show us that the company’s trading strategies are not as effective as claimed. Therefore, we advise you not to waste your money on FxMAC’s services as you will be disappointed big time.

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