The presentation of Galileo FX doesn’t look professional because there’s a lack of information and we have only text backtest reports. The widget with real account trading was removed from the site but we memorized it’s name. The main statement is:  “Galileo FX: 100% automated trading software.”

Galileo FX presentation

Galileo FX discount

Product Offering

There are two lines of icons with the shortest possible descriptions:

Galileo FX Product Offering

  • The advisor executes orders automatically for us. 
  • There are over 60 various setting options that we are free to download. 
  • We are not sure that an average person can customize the EA. 
  • We have a user guide. 
  • The developers provide support for us. 
  • The robot delivers in both MT4 and MT5 versions. 

Galileo FX Features

  • The system is not sewed to a proper broker. 
  • The robot doesn’t waste margin. 
  • The accuracy rate can be up to 96%. 
  • The money-management system places Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. 
  • We can also trade and close deals manually.
  • The system was tested on broker data received from 12 houses.

Galileo FX settings

  • We can use the robot on the following currency pairs: Micro, Mini, and Standard. 
  • The robot doesn’t care about execution speed or spreads. 

Galileo FX price

The personal pack is available for $199. It allows gaining up to $1000 monthly. The ultimate package costs $399. It provides up to $5000 monthly. The unlimited pack costs $899. There’s no profit limitation. We have no refund policy covered if something goes wrong. It’s a one-way ticket.

Trading Strategy

  • There are no mentions of trading strategies. 
  • The main time frame for trading is H1. 
  • It should work with many pairs, but we have only Silver. 

Trading Results

The presentation includes a video with how a chart of a backtest form:

  • Galileo FX Backtest – EUR/USD ($4398 Total Net Profits) + Settings
  • Total Net Profit: $4398.40
  • Gross Profit: $5132.40
  • Gross Loss: -$734

Account Info:

  • Broker: IC Markets
  • Platform: MT5
  • Version: Galileo FX Pro
  • Period: 1 Jan – 11 Jun 2021
  • Timeframe: H1


  • Lots = 0 (dynamic)
  • Risk = 0.5
  • Max Orders = 0
  • Stop Loss = 0
  • Take Profit = 1000
  • Trailing Start = 0
  • Trailing Stop = 0
  • Consecutive Bullish Signals = 9
  • Consecutive Bearish Signals = 9

Galileo FX Myfxbook

The dev provided trading results for Galileo FX under the name Millionaire Plan on his website. For some reason, he decided to remove this account from the website. Let’s analyze it and see why he did so. 

This is a real account on IC Markets under the robot’s automatic management. The leverage is set at 1:500. The platform is rarely used – cTrader. The account has a verified track record. It was created on October 04, 2020, deposited at $2,186, and withdrawn at $1,987. The absolute gain has amounted to +761.68%. An average monthly gain is 26.97%. The maximum drawdown is 21.57%.

Galileo FX advanced statistics

The robot has closed 1587 orders with 14,703 pips. An average win is 12.62 pips when an average loss is -8.87 pips. The accuracy rate is 87% for Longs and 80 % for Shorts. An average trade length is 14 hours 16 minutes. The Profit Factor is 4.25. 

Galileo FX trading results

It works with XAGUSD only, but the presentation mentioned other pairs. 

Galileo FX trading results

Many deals were opened at the beginning of the Australian and during European trading sessions. 

Galileo FX trading results

Tuesday is the most traded day. 

Galileo FX trading results

The robot trades with low risks to the balance. 

Galileo FX trading results

Last week the system worked with a good win rate. SL, TP and Lot size the EA trades are hidden. It raises suspicions around the system’s reliability and safety. Its trading history shows us that the robot uses Grid and Scalping approaches. 

Galileo FX monthly gain

June 2021 was closed with a twice higher profit than May 2021. 

Customer Reviews

Galileo FX customer reviews

The company has a 4.8 rate on Trustpilot with 1515 reviews. 

Galileo FX customer reviews

Galileo FX customer reviews

Galileo FX customer reviews

Some people were angry with the quality of the system performance. The last post was liked four times.

Real-account trading results
Many reviews were published on Trustpilot
No team revealed
No settings explanations provided
No risk advice given
No backtest reports provided
Trading results are available only for one pair
Many testimonials mentioned that the service is a scam
The robot sells without refunds
Galileo FX is a trading advisor that has a weird presentation. It doesn’t include backtest reports with the final report and a chart line. Trading results are suspicious too. They were removed from the site a month ago or so. They are about trading Silver instead of mentioned trading pairs.

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