Klondike Gold EA welcomes us with its presentation on the MQL5 forum. The system is several months old. After its release on March 10, 2021, the system obtained over 400 downloads and approximately 10 purchases. 

Product offering

The presentation is semi-professional, and it doesn’t answer all our questions. Much we wrote based on our experience of understanding what we saw. 

  • It can execute orders for us automatically. No extra effort is needed. 
  • The system is designed for working on MT5. 
  • The developer informed us that there are nine copies left for the current price. 
  • The next price will be $699. 
  • It trades XAUUSD only. 
  • We can ask other clients to share trading experiences. 
  • The system runs sophisticated strategies and indicators.
  • The expert advisor uses “unique artificial intelligence technology to analyze the market to find the best entry points. The Expert Advisor simultaneously implements 3 different strategies, two of which relate to the alligator indicator and one to the ADX indicator.”
  • It trades only in the direction of a trend. 
  • The system follows FIFO requirements. 
  • So, there can be a single deal on the market at the same time. 
  • It was tested on the 15-year data. 
  • We can buy the robot only from this site. 
  • The developer is ready to answer orbit questions in Telegram. 
  • It works on the M1 time frame. 
  • We have to have up to $500 on the deposit. 
  • It executes orders using dynamic take profit levels. 
  • We may work with determined lot sizes or auto-calculated. 
  • We have to check setting files before executing backtests. 

Klondike offer.

MQL5 has punished the developer for something. The product is restricted for selling. The last price was $599, and there were several rental options.

Trading strategy

  • It works with a trend strategy. 
  • The only symbol is Gold. 
  • The system works on the M1 time frame. 

Trading results

Klondike backtest report.

There’s a report with Gold on M1 based on the data from 2005 to 2020. The modeling quality was scam low – 25.40%. An initial deposit was $1,000. It turned into $356,024 of the total net profit. The profit factor was 4.16. The maximum drawdown was 8.55%. The system has executed 5203 deals. The win rate was 79% for short and 79% for long trading positions.

Klondike trading results.

The advisor keeps executing orders on a real USD account on WELTRADE automatically. The leverage is 1:500. The account has a verified track record. It was created on March 30, 2021. Since then, the absolute gain has become 79.21%. An average monthly gain is 15.34%. The maximum drawdown is 8.69% only. We have a single person checking the account. 

Klondike table displaying the trading profitability.

The system has executed 198 orders with 41,907 pips. An average gain is 345.46 pips when an average loss is -351.74 pips. The win rate is 82% for longs and 79% for shorts. An average trade length is 7 hours 36 minutes. The profit factor is 5.40. 

Klondike trading in both directions.

The long direction with 107 deals is traded more frequently than the short direction with 91 orders. 

Klondike houry results.

It opens orders during all trading sessions focusing on the market opening hours. 

Klondike daily activities.

 Tuesday and Wednesday (46 orders both) are the most traded days. 

Klondike trading risks’ table.

It trades with low risks to the balance. 

Klondike trading history.

The advisor prefers using a Grid of orders. There is also Martingale to recover after losses. 

Klondike monthly gain charts.


All months were closed with profits, but the system is so risky anyway. 

Customer reviews

Klondike testimonials on MQL5.

We have only two comments about the system. It’s not enough to be sure that people truly make profits with this system.

Backtest reports provided
Real-account trading results revealed
There are risky strategies like Grid and Martingale
The system is restricted from selling
Almost no people’s testimonials written
Klondike works with Gold on a real account. The presentation doesn’t inform us that we should be prepared to face a Grid with martingale combo on the live account. Many conservative traders don’t like such risks to make average profits. MQL5 decided to prohibit the system from being sold. We don’t know what happened.

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