Learn2Trade is a platform that unites many useful services for traders. The company focuses on providing service for Forex and Crypto traders, educational materials and courses, information about brokers, and so on. The main page includes a Top Broker chart where LongHorn is in first place over Etoro.  It can be only in a case if LongHorn pays them for a promotion company.

Learn2Trade presentation

Product Offering

Today, we’d like to focus on Learn2Trade signals, their key features and what to expect when trading with them:

Learn2Trade articles

  • There is a forecast and articles news feed. There’s much useful analysis for traders with any experience. The article’s feed is updated frequently. We can expect to read several well-written articles daily.
  • Signals are introduced in two packs: premium and free. Premium signals have  Entry Prices.
  • The signals can be delivered via notifications or through a Telegram channel.
  • There, we can find performance reports to check.

Learn2Trade format signals

  • All signals are provided with the same format: a currency pair, trigger, direction, Entry Price, Stop Loss, and Take Profit.

Learn2Trade signal services

  • The signals’ frequency is 3-5 signals a day.
  • The system provides us with signals for Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Crypto.
  • The subscription gets us access to the VIP Telegram channel.
  • Signals’ win-rate is 82%.
  • An average can be up to 30%-40%.

Learn2Trade signal services

  • There will be only three signals a week.
  • These signals are free-to-go.
  • They are a part of signals from a paid package.
  • They are only for Forex currency pairs: Major, Minor, and Exotic.

Learn2Trade signal services

  • All those signals are being generated based on the RSI indicator. So, it means most of them are trend based. We don’t know if they’re short or long-term.

Learn2Trade - There are four paid packages

  • There are four paid packages. The one-month pack costs 35 GBP. The three-month one costs 65 GBP. The half-a-year pack costs 95 GBP. To get lifetime access, we have to pay 250 GBP.

Learn2Trade - premium plan

  • We can get the premium signals for free for a year. To make this happen, we have to register an account on a Long Horn broker. Alas, for UK clients, we have to open an account on Alvexo. It sounds incomplete. Usually, there are minimum requirements to get signals for free like “deposit $1000 on the real account.”

Learn2Trade fees

As we can see, the cheapest pack costs only $14/month if we buy the six-month pack.

Trading Strategy

Learn2Trade - Fibonacci Retracement levels

Learn2Trade - Support and Resistance levels

Learn2Trade - Bollinger Bands

Learn2Trade - Moving average

The robot uses Fibonacci Retracement levels, Support and Resistance levels, Bollinger Bands, and Moving average to spot trading opportunities. Most likely, the main strategies are Trend, Averaging, and Breakout.

Trading Results

Learn2Trade Trading Results

The Telegram channel only has trading results from unnamed accounts. So, we can’t be sure they are true.

Customer Reviews

Learn2Trade - Customer Reviews

The site includes only positive feedback. Most of it is about Learn2Trade as an educational platform.

Learn2Trade Telegram channel

The channel has 7.22k members, 354 photos, and 1.15k links. An average post is viewed by 700-800 users. A post with analysis is checked by 1500+ users.

We’re sure that there’s a team of analysts behind this service or they have partnered with them
Free signals provided
Market analysis provided
Cheap pricing
The Telegram channel for delivering signals is created
No team revealed
No backtests provided
No trading results provided
No people’s testimonials about signals quality provided
No refund policy provided
Learn2Trade is a signal service for everyone. There are several ways to get signals from paid to free. Anyway, the vendor didn’t convince us that this service is a good one to go. The main reason is that we didn’t see any trading results or proof that the signals are profitable and the fact that these signals were generated from the account that belongs to them.

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