Pips Alert is a Forex signals provider service having a trading community consisting of 3200 members. According to the vendor, this system generated total net pips 8000 in the previous year. In order to send signals through this platform, a trader must undergo an evaluation process lasting 9 months. They also claim that the service assists in the long-term growth of the customers’ Forex accounts. 

Product offering

On the official website, the vendor has presented the various offerings of the system. We have a video that gives us an overview of the service, along with videos showing live market back-testing. On the website, you can also find educational courses, an FAQ section, customer testimonials, and the details of the affiliate program.

Pips Alert was launched by two traders based in the UK and the US. The team has since expanded and is now spread across several other nations like Canada and Tokyo. Now, we don’t know the identity of the founding members, and there are no details about the service history on the official website. It is not clear whether this team has built similar systems in the past.

There are three signal packages for Pips Alert. The first one is the Venture X signals package which, the vendor claims, has been the top-performer in the last couple of months. This plan costs $59.95 per month and delivers 15-20 signals per week. 

The second package, known as Investor X, costs $59.99 per month. According to the vendor, this plan delivers 1500-3000 pips on a monthly basis. 

The third and final plan is called Jaguar Signals. Here, you get trading signals for the NYC and London sessions and monthly pips of 1000-2500. You can subscribe to this plan for $49.99 per month. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee offer and you can try the service on a demo account first.

Type Signals provider 
Price $59.95/month or $59.99/month
Strategy N/A
Compatible Platforms MT4
Currency Pairs N/A
Timeframe N/A
Recommended Min. Deposit N/A
Leverage N/A

Trading strategy

The signals delivered by this service include details like type of trade, type of entry, move to break-evens, stop losses, take profit targets, early exits, and more. Traders receive the signals via Email and SMS alerts. You can also choose to receive notifications on your browser or desktop. Pips Alert has an investigation team that checks the trades in case there are mistakes in the report and makes the required changes.

Traders receive detailed feedback on the reports as well as backtesting data by TradingView. Premium members get access to the pips protection feature where the package is extended in case the service does not deliver at least 500 pips in 30 days.

You can get started with $50 for a cent account, but the vendor recommends using lot size management. The average size for a client account is $5000, but there are bigger investors with $150,000 to $250,000 accounts. Unfortunately, the vendor has not clearly explained what strategies are used for generating the signals. 

Trading results

Pips Alert trading chart on TradingView.

Unfortunately, there are verified trading accounts for Pips Alert on websites like Myfxbook, FXBlue, and FXStat. In the videos posted on the website, you can see several past trades for different currency pairs on TradingView, but they are not moderated by a third-party. Without verified trading statistics, we cannot find out some of the most vital performance parameters like win rate, drawdown, profit factor, etc. As such, it is not possible for us to confirm the vendor’s claims of high monthly pips.

We don’t have the backtesting results presented in the proper format. While there are videos showing live market backtesting, we cannot verify their authenticity. 

Customer reviews

User reviews for Pips Alert on Trustpilot.

On the Trustpilot website, there are a handful of reviews for this signal provider. Some of the users have criticized the trade setups while others have complained about the system being full of glitches and the 14-day trial being inaccessible.

14-days money-back guarantee
Alerts delivered via multiple platforms
Lack of vendor transparency
Undisclosed trading approach
No verified trading results
Pips Alert is a signals provider service that has no verified track record of earning profits in the live market. The vendor makes some tall claims about the service but fails to back it up with facts. We have no information on the traders and developers and it is not clear what strategy the system uses for generating the signals.

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