Red Hawk Characteristics

Red Hawk is a robot that was demo downloaded 1741 times. It’s in the middle of the pack result. The system was published by Profalgo Limited on October 12, 2020. The last update was on March 11, 2021, to a 2.1 version.

Product Offering

Red Hawk price

For several weeks seven copies were sold. There’s a single copy left for $349. The next ten copies will be sold for $399. 

Red Hawk price

Red Hawk costs $349 for a digital copy. There are three rental options. The one-month subscription was added for $110. The three-month rent costs $199. The annual subscription costs $249. We remember these rogues were $50 shorter not so far ago. There’s a demo download version of the system. It allows us to check settings on the terminal and execute tests if needed.

The robot has a two-page presentation. There is some useful information to mention and describe:

  • It trades completely automatically.
  • The system was introduced in two versions for MT4 and MT5 terminals.
  • We have to run it on an ECN account only.
  • IC Markets or Alpari are good brokers, according to the developers.
  • Another requirement is a VPS service.
  • The robot doesn’t sit in the consistent and deep drawdowns.
  • The system sets TP and SL levels for open orders.
  • This robot executes orders without forming a Grid of trades and doesn’t use Martingale to increase Lot Sizes.
  • The system is featured by Spreads and Slippage filters.
  • GMT Offset should be changed manually.
  • We’re allied to trade with fixed Lot Sizes.
  • The minimum balance requirement is $250 for trading with a 0.01 Lot.
  • We can manage the risk for each trade.

Trading Strategy

  • The robot runs “a mean reversion trading system that trades during the quiet times of the market.”
  • The system opens trade on EUR/GBP, AUD/CAD, AUD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/AUD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/CHF, and USD/CAD.
  • The time frame to work with is M5.

Trading Results

Red Hawk Trading Results

We have some backtest reports on the site. This one was a test of eight pairs with Fixed Lot Size (0.01). The period of data was chosen from 2012 to 2020. The total profit was $1,107.45. The profit in pips was 16,066.2 pips. Red Hawk has traded 5388 orders. The maximum drawdown was 19.65%. The Risk to Reward Ratio was 3.25. The Profit Factor was 2.04. The accuracy rate was 76.45%. 

Red Hawk Trading Results

We have an account on Alpari.Pro. This one is an ECN demo account. The leverage is 1:500. The reliability of the signals is high. The system runs the account for 37 weeks. The robot executes algo trading in 100% of cases. The win rate is 71.5%. The maximum deposit load is 7.1%. The maximum drawdown is 5.8%. The account was deployed on July 24, 2020. The balance was picked at $5,000. Since then, the Profit has amounted to $1,303.45. The growth is 26.07%. 

Red Hawk Trading Results

Many months have been closed with impossibly low profits.

Red Hawk. The system trades without deep drawdowns.  

The system trades without deep drawdowns.  

Red Hawk. The robot has closed 376 deals with 71.54% of the win rate - 269 deals.

The robot has closed 376 deals with 71.54% of the win rate – 269 deals. An average profit is $14.90 when an average loss is -$25.28. The Gross Profit is 4008.66 when the Gross Loss is -2705.21. The maximum win-streak is 14 deals with a $210.35 profit. The recovery factor is 3.57. The Profit Factor is 1.48. An average trade length is two hours. The trading frequency is five trades weekly.

Red Hawk. The most-traded symbol is EUR/USD with 123 deals.

The most-traded symbol is EUR/USD with 123 deals. The most profitable currency pair is AUD/CAD – $548.

Customer Reviews

Red Hawk Customer Reviews

The presentation includes only positive reviews.

Settings explanations provided
Backtest report provided
Demo-account trading results provided
Positive feedback from people
No team revealed
No strategy explanations provided
Only demo account trading results
Weak monthly profitability
The most traded pair has brought losses
Mo money-back guarantee provided
Few testimonials
Red Hawk is a system that works M5 time frame, trading nine symbols. The presentation is short and has few explanations, especially about the strategy. Trading results showed that Red Hawk has managed to close all months with profits. Alas, the profitability is incredibly low. The offer is okay, but there’s no money-back guarantee provided.

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