Silent Master is an FX robot that trades during nighttime when the volatility is low. It uses machine learning elements to assess the current market conditions. As per the developer, the EA uses SL and DD limits for each trade. It does not use dangerous methods like the Martingale, grid, and arbitrage methods.

Product offering

Evgeniy Machok is the developer of this FX EA. He is based in Russia and as per his MQL5 profile info, he has more than seven years of experience in the field. He has created 16 products and 8 signals. For support, Telegram and Instagram links are present in addition to the messaging option on the MQL5 site.  

There is not much info present on the official site as the developer fails to reveal details on the approach used and other characteristics. We could find only the bare minimum info about the FX EA.

Silent Master

Type Fully-automated EA
Price $149
Strategy Night scalping
Compatible Platforms MT5
Currency Pairs EUR/USD
Timeframe M5
Recommended Min. Deposit $100
Recommended Deposit $1000
Leverage N/A

Pricing package of Silent Master.

This FX Robot is available for $149. As per the developer, only 7 copies remain for this rate and the subsequent copies will be sold for $199. A free demo account offer is present. There are no details present concerning the features available with the package. We could not find a refund offer which makes us suspect this is not a reliable system.

Trading strategy

Features and recommendations for Silent Master.

The developer claims that this FX EA uses a set and forget process for its trading which does not require any input from the user. It does not use dangerous methods like the Martingale, arbitrage, and grid methods. Instead, the system uses SL and DD stops for every position.  There is no further explanation present for the strategy. The lack of info makes us suspect the reliability of the EA. 

This MT4/5 tool works mainly on the EURUSD pair and uses the M5 timeframe. The developer recommends using a minimum deposit of $100 and to use brokers with small spreads and quick order execution.

Trading results

Backtesting report of Silent Master.

A backtesting report shown above is present on the official site. As per the report, a 100% history quality was used for the test started in January 2018 and done up to June 2021. For an initial deposit of $100, the account had generated a profit of $63,499. The profit factor value was 6.32 and the profitability was 94.22%. A maximum drawdown of 19.99% was present for the account which had executed a total of 865 trades. From the results, we can see that the drawdown was high indicating a risky approach. 

We found a real trading result for this FX EA verified by the myfxbook site. Here are a couple of the screenshots of the result:

Growth curve of Silent Master.

Advanced stats of Silent Master.

From the above trading stats, we can see that the real USD account using the IC Markets broker and the leverage of 1:500 on the MT4 terminal shows a total profit of 28.91% and an absolute profit of 43%. The difference between the two values looks suspicious and raises a red flag for this EA. Other stats include a daily profit of 0.05% and a monthly profit of 1.52%. The drawdown for the account is 37.76%. 

For a deposit of $350, the account had generated a profit of $118 since it started trading in July 2020. A total of 320 trades have been executed with a profitability of 80% and a profit factor value of 1.13. From the trading history, we can see a lot size of 0.15 is used. From the big lot size and high drawdown, it is clear that the EA uses a high-risk approach. The backtesting results also confirm the risky strategy. 

Customer reviews

User feedback for this FX EA is not present on reputed third-party sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. The lack of reviews shows this is not a popular name among the trader community.

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Fully automated system
Verified trading result
The strategy used is not explained
Backtesting and real trading results reveal a risky approach
No refund offers
Silent Master assures that it does not use dangerous methods like the martingale, grid, and arbitrage. But our analysis of the trading results shows the EA uses a risky approach that can put your capital at risk. Further, the price is a bit expensive and there is no refund policy present. From the downsides, we find that this is not a reliable FX EA.

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