Automated trading tools make trading easy and simple. You can trade 24/7 without being hindered by human emotions. ATS can work on complex strategies effortlessly. There are many more advantages but the most important upside is anyone can enter into a trade with these systems. 

Super EZ Forex, as the name implies is a Forex indicator that makes the entire trading process simpler. It claims to work efficiently providing you with higher returns for your investment. Our review of this FX indicator analyzes every component of this system and gives you a detailed report. With our evaluation, you will be able to know whether this is a reliable system or not.

Product Offering

Super EZ Forex Product Offering

Promoted as a system that works on all types of trading styles, the Super EZ Forex indicator assures traders a simplified trading tool. The website reveals very little information about the  FX instrument, the strategy used, and the results.  There is no information on the developer or the team behind it. In the about us section, there is mention of the Triple Arrow Trading System which provides software applications for trading, investment, and other financial-related products.  Besides an email address, we could not find vendor info like their location, year of establishment, phone contact, etc. 

Super EZ Forex

Type Forex Indicator
Price $299 + tax
Strategy Not disclosed
Compatible Platforms MT4
Currency Pairs Any pair
Timeframe Any
Recommended Min. Deposit Undisclosed
Recommended Deposit Undisclosed
Leverage Undisclosed


Super EZ Forex price

This indicator is priced at $299 plus taxes. The price includes the Simplicity trading system, access to the system’s Telegram group, guides for price action and chart patterns, video tutorials, a journal for tracking the trading, and more. Two licenses are provided with the package and additional licenses come at $149 per license. 

Trading Strategy

Since the vendor does not reveal any actual information on the strategy, we are unable to identify the approach used. There is mention of a simple color matching algorithmic system. As part of the features, we found that it works on any timeframe and currency pair. 

However, we could not find info related to the minimum recommended deposit or balance for this system. Mobile and email alert notifications are provided along with noise-canceling trend filtering indicators. Hot zones are present for identifying the buy or sell orders and also for the stop-loss levels.

Trading Results

No verified trading results are posted on the site. We look for trading results verified by sites such as myfxbook, Fxblue, FXStat, etc. The results from these third-party sites reveal important details about the MT4 tool . We can find the performance, the strategy effectiveness, and risk management used by the FX indicator from the results. Instead of verified results, the vendor presents screenshots of the live trades as shown below:

Super EZ Forex Trading Results

Super EZ Forex Trading Results

The above images do not reveal much beyond the spread, the timeframe used, pip value, and the open positions. We cannot find important stats such as the profit percentage, the drawdown, balance, etc. Similarly, the vendor does not provide backtests. Strategy tester reports help users know about the efficiency of the FX indicator. Although they cannot be used as the basis for evaluation they serve to strengthen the perspective on the FX tool performance. 

Customer Reviews

We were unable to find user reviews for this indicator on trusted trader forums such as the Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. Though the vendor provides testimonials on the site, there is a high chance of these reviews being manipulated. With verified reviews we can know how the product is performing and details like the customer support response to refund and other issues, and more. The absence of genuine reviews makes us suspicious of the indicator’s reliability.

Trade examples
No explanation of the strategy
No verified trading results
No money-back assurance
With this review of the Super EZ Forex, we conclude that it does not have many upsides. To begin with, we could not find much info about the developer behind the software and related info. The trading strategy is an important part of a Forex trading tool. We expect the service to explain the strategy used. The vendor fails to explain the strategy used other than the indicator using a simple color matching algorithm. Furthermore, whatever explanation provided about the repainting and relocation are vague. Another major downside is the lack of verified trading results. Without the verified results we are unable to find information about the risk management used and other aspects of trading performance. With the live trading videos and screenshots, we could not analyze the MT4 tool properly. The absence of user reviews further confirms our suspicions regarding the FX indicator’s reliability. In short, we do not recommend it as a reliable FX product.

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