Super Forex Bot is an automated trading development team that offers multiple Expert Advisors in a collection through their website. Almost all of these systems are built to trade on a 24-hour basis, implementing measures such as money management, close profit execution, and conducting proper buy/sell analysis to get profitable results. 

The official website is not professionally designed and very little information is provided about the developing team apart from the fact that they’re based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Also, the vendor provides multiple instructional videos and others which contain fast back-test visualisations. Since it’s a collection of products, each product is priced differently, ranging from $70 to $250.

Product Offering

TYPECollection of automated Expert Advisors
STRATEGYSwing Trading, Scalping, Grid
PRICE$70 - $250

Trading Strategy

Because Super Forex Bot provides seven different EAs, the trading strategies applied are different. According to the website, they offer 7 different expert advisors, which are listed by name below. 

  • EA Swing Profit: $70
  • Asia Scalper Pro: $ 70
  • Maximum Scalper: $60
  • Profit FX: $70
  • Flying Scalper: $100
  • SuperGrid EA: $70
  • Smart System V3: $150

The Super Forex Bot team provides a short description containing bullet points for each of the above products, in an attempt to explain how of them works. However, they haven’t provided any detailed insight into the strategies used, instead of relying on some generic information for each of the products. Potential buyers always look for a decent explanation of the trading strategy used by a particular EA, before they invest in it. 

Strategy Backtests

Providing results from back-tests can be a great way for Expert Advisors to prove their worth. It allows potential buyers to see how the implemented trading strategies function when tested on historical data. Good back-test results can add weight to an EA’s claim of being legitimate. Unfortunately, when it comes to Super Forex Bot, they do not provide any screenshots or links to back-test results. They provide a video that contains a quick back-test, but these details cannot be verified. 

Super Forex Bot Trading Results

The majority of EAs nowadays provide live trading statistics of accounts that are hosted on authoritative sites such as myfxbook or fxblue. These provide insight for potential customers into how the EA performs in live market conditions and verifying them with some of the claims by it. Unfortunately, in Super Forex Bot’s case, there is no verified trading results or statistics provided. They instead provide a YouTube embed for backtests and past trading results, which seems a bit odd in 2020. 

super forex bot unverified results

While these kinds of results were common in the EA market some 5 to 8 years ago, the forex market landscape has changed dramatically since. Almost all of their competitors provide verifiable live trading statistics from authoritative sites. So, consumers tend to move away from purchasing EAs which fail to do that. 

Multiple robots offered
Multiple strategies and currency pairs
Reasonably priced
Non-verifiable results
No information about developers
No insight into each product provided
Super Forex Bot has a long way to go before even being considered as a viable product for potential buyers. There are reasons for such a harsh judgment as Super Forex Bot failed to provide adequate insight into each product, as well as trading statistics which cannot be verified. Consumers nowadays are more aware of the different types of frauds and scams that masquerade as legitimate EAs in the present forex EA market. So unless they can come up with verifiable results or improve on other aspects of their product offering, Super Forex Bot cannot be recommended.

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