The Comeback Kid EA is a trading advisor that has a scam name. It looks like a part of the company called Responsible Forex Trading. The system can keep a trader profitable. Let’s check it’s details. 

Product offering

The robot is a solution that doesn’t have a good and viable presentation. 

  • The robot is an automatic trading solution. 
  • We can trade manually helping the system. 
  • It can recover after losses. 
  • The devs have over 16 years of trading experience. 
  • “The auto-trading function already gives the trader an edge. Intervening can give a further edge on top of that. So we should be working with a double trading edge which is hard to find.”
  • It sounds like nonsense. 
  • The default settings work with low drawdowns. 
  • There are trailing stops to make more profits from the rough moves. 
  • An average monthly profit can be 5-10%. 
  • It works with 5-10 cross pairs.   

The Comeback Kid EA features. 

  • There’s an inbuilt trading system and risk management.
  • The system needs 5-10 minutes a day to be profitable.

The Comeback Kid EA statistics.  

  • The robot has two profitable months. 
  • The system was bought 288 times. It’s a lie. 

The Comeback Kid EA pricing.

  • We have much control over the system. 
  • The advisor can be used on MT5.
  • We have to have $3000 on the account. 
  • The leverage should be higher than 1:100. 
  • There are flexible settings. 
  • The conservative risk is better. 
  • The robot costs $497 for a single copy. 

Trading strategy

  • The main strategy is not revealed. 
  • The EA supports 5-10 cross pairs. 
  • We don’t know the time frame the robot trades on. 

Trading results

The system doesn’t have backtest reports to convince us that the robot was tested well before it was released. We suggest you ask the developers for them to be sure it works well with all those mentioned pairs. 

The Comeback Kid EA trading results.

The system has been running a real account on Trader’s Way automatically on MT5 with 1:500 leverage. The account has a verified track record and verified trading privileges. It was created on June 16, 2021, and deposited at $30,674. Its absolute gain has grown to 10.58%. An average monthly gain is 5.28%. The maximum drawdown is low – 2.54%. 

The Comeback Kid EA details.

The robot has closed 296 orders with 4518 pips. An average win is 85.85 pips when an average loss is -115.05 pips. The win rate is 62% for longs and 67% for shorts. An average trade length is 13 hours 26 minutes. The profit factor is 1.82. 

The Comeback Kid EA trading pairs.

The system focuses on trading EURUSD over other pairs, 104 orders, and $1129. 

The Comeback Kid EA hourly activities. 

The robot works during the end of the European trading hours. 

The Comeback Kid EA daily trading results.

The system trades on Thursday more than on any other day. 

The Comeback Kid EA risks.

The advisor runs the account with low risks. 

The Comeback Kid EA closed orders.

It sets trailing SL for common orders that take over 30 pips of the profit. 

The Comeback Kid EA monthly activities.

The system closed two previous months with lower profits than mentioned. 

Customer reviews

We have no people’s testimonials published on Forex Peace Army or Trustpilot. It’s a huge con because we understand that 288 copies sold were a scam.

Real account trading results provided
Money management advice given
No trading strategy details shared
No risk advice given
No backtest reports provided
High pricing
No refunds supported
No people’s testimonials published
The Comeback Kid EA works on the huge-deposited real account with a low win rate. The system is too young, and it has been running the account for just several months. We cannot be sure that this keeps going for half a year. At the same time, the offer is twice higher than on the similar trading solutions from MQL5. The devs provide no refunds.

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