Wave Scalper is a fully automated Forex robot that provides its service for more than 10 years now. This program was developed by masters of own work, the LeapFX group. The price of the Wave Scalper company product range from $297 to $497. 

Opening, closing, and managing transactions take place without the direct intervention of the trader.

Wave Scalper is based on a complex neural network model, which allows the advisor to quickly adapt to certain market changes.

On the official website of this adviser, you can find a lot of useful and accessible information. More detailed information about the product itself, the description of the Wave Scalper trading strategy. Also, the adviser has its pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube channel.

Product Offering

The Wave Scalper company provides traders with two products to purchase. The difference between these products is only a period of use.

For $297 you can purchase an adviser who will work for you for one year.

A lifetime license will cost the user only $200 more, that is, $497.

To start working with this EA, you need to select a suitable tariff and pay for it. After that, the user will receive instant access to the system, these include:

  • Wave Scalper software;
  • Detailed installation guide;
  • Unlimited technical support;
  • Directly installation;
  • Full updates;
  • Recommendations from the company on settings, services, etc.

Wave Scalper support can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by completing the online form on the official website, stating your name, email address, main topic and the question in it. Technical support can be obtained with the help of instant messengers: Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp.

Wave Scalper Trading Strategy

The trading strategy of this forex robot is based on the Eliot Wave Theory, which works in several pairs during several market sessions. The theory is based on repeating fractal wave patterns. That is, the waves that move along with the general trend movement are called impulsive. And the waves which move in the opposite direction are corrective. Wave Scalper scalps the impulsive waves that trade in the direction of the trend while giving a higher chance of a successful deal.

Wave Scalper Trading Strategy

The team has been testing this strategy for a long time and thoroughly on real accounts and assures us that the system has been perfected.

On the official website, the developers write that starting a trade from $200 or $300 a trader can easily increase his income to $10,000, $50,000, and even $100,000. Is it?

Well, there are no verified live trading results at this moment.

However, Wave Scalper provides its customers with a cash refund system for 30 days.

If the client for some reason is unhappy with the software, he can turn to the company with a request for a refund and get it without any questions.

Wave Scalper has been working in the forex markets for a long time. Many traders know and appreciate the LeapFX developer for excellence. The main advantage of this advisor is a refund in the 30 days if the client desires. At the same time, the absence of any statistics is not very encouraging to potential customers.

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  1. Shehzad

    Really bad product opens 1-2 trades a day and overall looses money
    Wish I’d never bought this EA

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