Yeti Forex Robot is a trend trading Forex EA that promises a consistent profit of 10% every month. It claims to bring you long-term profits and provides high timeframe guarantees, irrespective of the broker. While this certainly looks enticing, the only way to truly assess the efficiency of the system is to carry out a thorough analysis of each and every component.

Product Offering

The presentation made on the website looks quite professional, and there are sections where you can read about the privacy policy and the terms and conditions. Additionally, there is an affiliates section where you can find details about the affiliate programs and discounts. Several backtesting and verified live trading results are provided and the main features and pricing details are outlined as well.

Although no information is available on the developers, there is a contact form using which you can seek out support. There are separate email addresses provided for general questions and suggestions and technical support.

Looking at the overall presentation, we think you can expect this Forex EA to be a legitimate system capable of generating profits. Unlike some of the other systems, they have not tried to conceal the live trading and backtesting data. But, that being said, we hope the vendor will include more information about the developers in the future.

Yeti Forex Robot has three distinct pricing plans called Single License, Full License, and Unlimited License and they cost $199, $299, and $999, respectively. The features offered on these plans are more or less the same, with the only difference being the number of user accounts and the quality of support provided. A 60-day money-back guarantee is provided by the company for all of the pricing plans, so you can get your money back in case the system is not able to bring you profits.

Yeti Forex Robot
Type Fully-automated EA 
Price $199 to $999
Strategy Not disclosed
Compatible Platforms MT4 
Currency Pairs All
Timeframe H4
Recommended Min. Deposit $1000
Leverage Not disclosed

Trading Strategy

Yeti Forex Robot features

Yeti Forex Robot operates on the H4 timeframe and although the pairs it deals in are not mentioned, we can see from the live trading results that it has traded in EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF. It has time and memory management systems and is compatible with any MT4 broker. An anti broker module is provided with the software and support is provided 24*7, including Skype support for the Unlimited License plan.

No technical details about the trading strategy are revealed, however, so we don’t know exactly how the system generates profits. Some Forex traders might take this as a red flag since the strategy tells them a lot about the EA’s efficiency.

Trading Results

Yeti Forex Robot Trading Results

Here, we can see the backtesting data from 2010 to 2020 for the EUR/USD pair with a modeling quality of 90%. From an initial deposit of $1000, the system managed to generate a total net profit of $505067.70. During the 10 years, the system placed 932 trades, out of which 697 were won, thus bringing the profitability to 74.79%.

We can also see that the Forex EA won 74.90% of short positions and 74.65% of long positions. It has only lost 25.21% of the trades, which we think is quite acceptable. The maximum drawdown of 31.54% and the relative drawdown of 56.34% also serve to strengthen our confidence in this Forex robot.

Yeti Forex Robot Myfxbook

While the vendor has provided us with one demo and one real trading account on Myfxbook, here we shall look into the latter. This Real (USD) account was started on 8th September 2020 and since then, it has managed to generate a profit of $130.27 from a deposit of $1000. The daily and monthly gains for this account are 0.08% and 2.36%, respectively, while the drawdown of 16.08% is quite low indeed.

Additionally, we can see that only 47 trades have been placed using this account, out of which 33 have been won. While the profit factor of 1.60 is not exceptional, it is still above 1, so we can call this trading system reliable. However, we think some more trades need to be placed using this account as 47 is too low a sample size.

Customer Reviews

Yeti Forex Robot Customer Reviews

The only user review we found for Yeti Forex Robot was on the, and as you can see, the user has complained about the poor customer service and the company not honoring the money-back guarantee. Now, this creates some real trust issues, but we need to look at a few more reviews before reaching a conclusion.

Live trading results are available
Backtesting data is provided
Flexible pricing plans
Little or no information about the vendor
Trading strategy is not revealed
Negative user review
In the end, we would like to say that we are in two minds about whether to recommend this Forex EA or not. While the backtesting and live trading results look promising, we can’t just ignore the lack of vendor transparency and strategy insight.

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