Jet Trader Pro is an advanced automated trading system that is designed to trade the EUR/USD currency pair only. The software is developed by Jack McKennon who used to be a mechanical engineer. He started to trade on Forex in his spare time. As a result of years of trading experience, he glad to present his grid trading system to us.

At this moment, the software is actively promoted by the LeapFX team. We consider this trading group as a reliable vendor. We’ve already reviewed some of the forex robots offered by them, including News Action TraderEcon Power Trader and The Wave Scalper, and they’ve got an average rating from us. Let’s check whether Jet Trader Pro can be one of the best forex robots or it’s just another Forex EA.

Product Offering

TYPEForex Robot, Grid System
MONEY BACK GUARANTEEYes (30 days, full refund)

The vendor offers to purchase a lifetime copy of Jet Trader Pro for $347. This is a standard price for LeapFX Forex robots, and it’s a little bit higher than average on the market. Package includes a full version of the software and also comes with “best settings” recommendations, customer support, and free lifetime updates.

The presentation on the official website is well-put-together. We’ve got a video review explaining the history behind the development and some of the strategy insights. Sharing his own success story, Jack is trying to find his audience with “protect your money and family’s future” statement. Jet Trader Pro is advertised as a reliable automated trading solution that utilizes a low-risk trading strategy. Of course, we’re going to check this in our review.

Trading Strategy

Talking about risk management, it worth mentioning that it seems like we have some kind of contradiction here. The devs don’t share too much information about the algorithms. However, based on the screenshot below, we suppose that the system uses a grid trading strategy.

One of accounts running Jet Trader Pro named Grid EA

Grid EA is a quite risky expert advisor type and mostly suitable for accounts with a higher amount of resources. Along with martingale trading, it is known for blowing up trading accounts in no time. We don’t know whether the software is implementing any kind of drawdown control. The devs claim that Jet Trader Pro utilizes a “dynamic price protection strategy” to make trading safer. However, any details on this aren’t provided.

Trading Results

Let’s take a look at the real data. Jack McKennon provides us with one myfxbook verified Demo account running Jet Trader Pro, using EXNESS as a brokerage with 1:400 leverage. The account was started in November 2018 with a $3100 deposit. Since then, Jet Trader Pro could manage to grow the account by 79.79% (as of March 2020).

jet trader pro trading performance myfxbook chart

During the one and half a year, the robot has made 368 trades, winning 75% of them, with an average win of 33 pips ($11). The best trade was 66.6 pips. The worst trade was -150 pips.

jet trader pro monthly gains myfxbook analytics chart jet trader pro monthly gains for 2020 myfxbook analytics chart

Monthly gains vary from 1% up to 8% with an average of 3.83%. There are no losing months, which is pretty rare with Grid expert advisors. Overall, these results are quite impressive, but we cannot trust it fully since Jet Trader Pro is applied to the Demo account. We believe that real proof of a reliable system should be a real account only.

Reliable vendor
High profitability
Money back guarantee
Recommended settings and support
Results are verified by demo account
Lack of strategy explanations considering grid strategy applying
Lack of customer reviews
Relatively high price
Well, Jet Trader Pro has both equally pros and cons. This is totally not a scam, but still, we can't recommend it to our readers. When the developer claims that he got a INDISPUTABLE PROOF of the results, we expect to see his real live account. We've decided to wait for this proof and grade the system an average score.

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