Arbitron EA is a fully automated Forex trading system that is designed to make profits utilizing an arbitrage trading strategy. The creators claim that trading with Arbitron can bring over 3000% profit in less than a month. We know that arbitrage trading can be very profitable, but this is a serious claiming that forces us to be cautious reviewing the product.

The software is developed and actively promoted by LeapFX team. We consider this trading group as a reliable vendor. We’ve already reviewed some of the forex robots offered by them, including Jet Trader ProNews Action TraderEcon Power Trader and The Wave Scalper, and they’ve got an average rating from us. Let’s check whether Arbitron EA can be one of the best forex robots or it’s just another Forex EA.

Product Offering

TYPEForex Robot
MONEY BACK GUARANTEEYes (30 days, full refund)

The vendor offers two ways of purchasing Arbitron EA:

  • One Time Payment Plan: $799 for the trading software with lifetime license, updates, and support;
  • 3 Month Payment Plan: $347 per month; lifetime license after 3 months.

It’s quite a high price for the automated trading software market, even compared to other products offered by LeapFX. The software doesn’t come with any setup instructions manual. However, the developers promise that Arbitron EA is easy to setup and doesn’t require any adjustments as a system will change all the necessary settings.

Arbitron EA Trading Strategy

Arbitrage trading EAs take advantage of the differences in the prices between brokers. So, if you have a price feed that updates faster than your broker’s price feed, you’ll get something like insider trading in the stock market. But in the Forex market, it’s legal. Arbitron EA has a built-in high-speed price feeder that gets data faster than many of MT4 brokers. A lot of Forex traders think that arbitrage is a risk-free trading approach. However, there’s the fact that you have to take into consideration before trying this expert advisor. Many brokers consider this type of trading as a cheat and do not accept it. If your broker suspects that you have such an advantage, it may be a difficult task to take your profits. In this case, we recommend looking for brokers that allow scalping.

Arbitron EA Trading Results

There’s a lot of myfxbook verified accounts are provided by the vendor. Most of them were running Arbitron EA not more than a month, and there’s no any live-updating account at this moment in 2020. Trading results are very different on these accounts, total gain varies from 40% on one to 1000% on another. We assume that the system’s trading performance depends on so many factors that it looks like getting serious profits with Arbitron EA is a matter of chance.

Arbitron EA trading results

Arbitron EA trading results myfxbook chart

arbitron ea trading results advanced statistics myfxbook

Customer Reviews

We’ve found some reviews from clients claiming that Arbitron EA is a scam as they can’t get their money back while the support team is not responding to their refund requests. It puts a 30-day money-back guarantee into question.

arbitron ea review from customer arbitron ea review from customer

Fast price feed
Reliable vendor
Risky trading approach requires specific conditions
Inconsistent profitability
Unreliable trading results
Bad feedback from customers
Arbitron EA is a system that is far from being one of the best forex robots. The software can work well under certain circumstances. Our team is looking for a robot that can guarantee consistent high returns over the long run. And it's not the case with this EA.

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